How to participate

Because Sandhills is located in a public park, we must share our garden. There is no formal membership, or fees. If you would like to participate, come to our working bees, the first Sunday of every month 2-4pm, and 4-6pm during daylight saving. We will show you around the garden and advise on what needs doing. We discuss projects for the garden at working bees, so here is your chance to have some input into what you might like to see happen in the garden.

Once you are acquainted with the garden you can come down and potter, weed and plant at any time – or simply come down and enjoy the peaceful setting. Unlike many community gardens, we cannot have individual plots.  The garden is communal and we all share in the produce. We ask people to “take a little and leave some for others”.

If you’re not much of a gardener you may like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, or help out on the management committee. We have a coordinator and treasurer and a newlsetter editor, and general committee members who help when needed.


2 Responses to How to participate

  1. Vicki Bubutievska says:


    If you’re interested, I wold like to donate some plastic 4litre watering cans.

    They can be picked up at Adamstown.


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