Why Organic?


1.  You can avoid the use of agrichemicals and GMO products that are dangerous to your health and harmful to the health of the earth.

2. You can decide what your family consumes – tasty products, fresh and nutritious food grown in the comfort of your home.

3. Cheaper for your family when you grow at home!

4. You can get your family to participate in the garden which is a wonderful experience to share together.

5. Nothing compares to the taste of freshly harvested produce from your garden.

6. You can grow crops that are hard to find in the market which also preserves these varieties for future generations.

7. Contribute to global food sovereignty.

8. Children will learn where real food comes from!

9. Reconnect with nature, have more energy and find more time in garden.

10. Your truly local food will promote a more sustainable food system that will reduce your ecological footprint and thus climate change.


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