Sandhills Recipe Book now available

The recipe book is organised around the most common herbs to be found in our garden – where to find them and what to do with them. It also has a beautiful watercolour map of the garden – and some lovely artwork by Leapfrog Ability clients – and some amazing micro photos by David Kelly – a frequent visitor to our garden with a real passion for photographing the tiny creatures he finds there. Only $10 for a book – and we make $5 to spend on the garden for every sale…..I’ll be down the garden this SAturday 17th DEc from 2-4pm if you would like to pick one up….or if you can’t make it ring Chris on 49291452 to organise a time and place.

Meanwhile – there will be no working bee in on New Year’s Day – but I’ll be down the garden from 4-6pm the following Sunday if anyone wants to join me


About chris everingham

Coordinator Sandhills Community Garden
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