August garden update

We have had a busy month at the garden! It started off with a lovely working bee and nearly 20 helpers – some for over 3 hours! We got a tyre path built around one of the trees for little ones to play on…see pics below. This is part of our project to better mark out pathways on the embankment – so that kids can enjoy running around the garden without damaging the plants. And we put the compost made at the first open day all around the beds. Lachlan and Chris gave us a wonderful workshop on how to prune and how to make cuttings and some of us had a go. It has inspired us to think that perhaps we could make pots to sell along with the teatowels and Xmas cards (made from of Bill Farrow’s amazing garden sketches). If anyone wants to help with these projects just let me know. The Greening Centre also dropped off a big load of mulch that we can use to help mark out the pathways….and there were lots of visitors….so it was a really good day!

Here are the pics of the new steps, some strawberries and some lavender which is all out in flower at the moment and smelling beautiful.

Also, the ripe tomatoes in August shows what a perfect position the garden’s in; the purple plant is French Mustard – add a little to your salad to give it some bite; the lemonade tree full of flowers and the children’s pathway under the tree-fern.

Don’t forget our next working bee this Sunday, 5th September from 2-4pm.

Thanks and see you there – Chris

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