July working bee – thanks everyone for joining in!

Thanks to all who could make it on Sunday the 4th – it’s great to have some newcomers! I am sure the bitou will be making rapid progress now. The Greening Centre has very kindly donated many new trees for the embankment so these have been put in and the area of new grasses and stones on the embankment are also looking great.

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Chris was in Central Australia for the work bee and I am currently in Brazil again looking at more wonderful examples of green roofs and bio-architecture. I visited a popular vegetarian restaurant sourcing practically all of it’s ingredients from its garden which was very inspiring and I was also able to visit Lenny Kravitz’ farm where a strong focus is on sustainability and where English permaculture expert Bruce Kirk has been experimenting with some large scale systems for two years. He is about to commence operations on his Bio-digester using pig and chicken manure and also has a large-scale Aquaponic system almost up and running. He has also built some dry toilets and has a green roof over the chicken/pig enclosure where he houses his guinea pigs! They love it although the green has turned to brown as they are such ferocious little eaters. Have a look for all these pics under ‘Green Roofs’ and ‘Urban Agriculture’, some are quite amusing. Aquaponics is truly a wonderful closed-loop system we could all be experimenting with in the backyard. You don’t need a lot of space and it is a very productive system which will grow almost anything. Find how to build a simple one on Costa’s Garden Odyssey!

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