Green roof entrance update

We are progressing on our structure for the entrance with some exciting developments. A meeting was held with Council some weeks ago which was very positive to our preliminary idea involving a green roof and we have since submitted a proposal for a ‘Place Making’ grant, which is a new initiative being trialled by Council. When this eventually goes ahead it will be the first example of a structure of this kind in a public place – a wonderful thing for the garden!

We are still awaiting formal approval so we can begin drawing the plans and acquiring materials however in the meantime on Friday we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and start collecting bamboo for the underside of the roof lining – this is similar to what was shown in the demo on our open day and a great alternative to timber – and will be another beautiful and unique feature of our entranceway. Chris, Lachlan and I headed up to Raymond Terrace in search of a good grove but realised when we got there it was mostly Giant Reeds (thanks Lachlan)! Did anyone know there was a difference? So we have collected some bamboo but still need more – if anyone has some good size bamboo in their backyard they have been wanting to thin out we will gladly come and get it!

We have also had a meeting with local sculptor Peter Read who has enthusiastically offered to become involved and design a sculpture that will form part of the entrance and involve some of the heritage of the site, likely to be made out of stainless steel or cast iron. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with over the next couple of weeks!

lachlan searching for the bamboo amongst the reeds

though they look similar, reeds have no strength

chris finding some bamboo!

it's in there somewhere!

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