Open Day a big success!

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Thankyou so much to all who came to have a look at what has been happening around our garden and to all who contributed – we are very proud of its progress! Over 50 people showed up today, which somehow managed to stay sunny and warm most of the day! Much knowledge was gleaned and entertainment was had watching the permaculture dynamos Chris and Lachlan from Tree Frog Permaculture show us how to make a great compost heap using the Berkeley method and also how we can harness nitrogen more effectively for our plants. We tasted some wonderful sweet and savoury treats made with ingredients from our garden (I will post the recipes soon) and Chris’ daughter Phoebe made some beautiful tree ornaments with the children. I also managed to give a demonstration of how to start greening all of your roofs – let us keep spreading this idea! I have posted the notes in the Bio-Architecture/Green Roofs area of this website, please feel free to email me with any queries. So thanks again, and remember – this website/blog is here for everyone to contribute to, so post anything you think might be of interest to other community garden members! The more we share the more we learn! Also specific workshop requests/suggestions welcome.

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