Cabbage Moth prevention ideas?

Last year at this time we had a visitation by the white cabbage moth in plague proportions which destroyed our attempts at cabbage and broccoli and ate its way though lots of buc choy – suggestions for controlling this pest so far have been white egg shells – apparently these moths are very territorial and mistake the white for fellow moths so go somewhere else….I’ve been trying this so shall see how it goes… also – putting basil seeds and really smelly marigolds underneath the plants …if you’re pottering round down there can you do some of this??? any more suggestions???

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2 Responses to Cabbage Moth prevention ideas?

  1. Chris says:

    Hey there,
    You need a frog pond nearby. The frogs and predator insects will get the numbers of caterpillars and moths down.

  2. Diana says:

    Going on memory, companion planting with wormwood and/or southernwood should deter the moths.

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